Top tips for getting in the zone as the exams approach

Top tips for getting in the zone as the exams approach

  • Turn off the TV. This may seem like a bit of an obvious tip but for those of us who enjoy a regular instalment of a program every day or week, it might seem a bit unreasonable. If you happen to feel that your program of choice cannot be missed, catch a rerun, take advantage of some taping technology or watch it online when the exams are over! Needless to say your exams are more important than any drama series and having a TV blaring in the background of your study environment is not going to assist you in your revision.
  • Avoid Facebook or other social networks. It may seem like the end of the world if you cut off your access to the online communities but believe me, when it comes to studying effectively, sites like Facebook are nothing but time consuming distractions. Remember that when the exams are over you will have plenty of time to invest in social networking, so don’t feel that you are missing out on anything.
  • Get into a quiet environment, preferably on your own at a table. Try to avoid slouching or lying down when reading over material or attempting exam questions. Sitting upright at a desk, though it might sound a little robotic actually simulates an exam environment. It means that you are familiarising yourself with the conditions of the exam hall you will be tested in whilst improving your concentration skills for the test paper itself.
  • Agree with yourself in advance when you can take breaks. Remember that taking generous breaks is an important part of your study plan as you don’t want to burn yourself out.
  • Keep with your existing study system and routines
  • Don’t panic
  • Decide what you are going to cover in advance – be goal driven
  • Be disciplined in your approach.
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Tammy Strickland is the author and publisher of Junior Cert Mindmaps and Leaving Cert Mindmaps. Both of these are course summaries for second level public exams.

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