Top tips for beating stress

Top tips for beating stress

  • Get daily exercise to allow you to eradicate tension before you start your work. I wouldn’t advise anyone to engage in any sort of strenuous or particularly draining sports activities before studying. This would mean that you are beginning or resuming a study session in a tired state of mind. I would recommend walking as it is more relaxing and doesn’t require as much effort.
  • Don’t get caught up in mind games regarding expected exam results. Simply focus on doing the best you can. That is all that matters.
  • Study in an organised fashion so that you have decided the outcome of each study session before you even start studying
  • Use a structured approach to learning so that you can see the progress that you are making. I have used Mind Mapping as an effective way to summarise lots of detail and this means that I don’t have to read my textbooks at exam time. All I have to do is commit the logical structures to memory and I can visualise the MindMaps whenever I need to.
  • Fit things you enjoy into your daily routines so that you don’t get caught up in negative thinking. Although you may feel that studying for long periods of time everyday is a priority, remember that balance is essential to a good study plan.
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Tammy Strickland is the author and publisher of Junior Cert Mindmaps and Leaving Cert Mindmaps. Both of these are course summaries for second level public exams.

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