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Over the past two years, lots of schools and individual teachers have purchased my MindMap summaries for Junior Cert students. I have also been approached by schools and have been asked to consider doing school licences. The MindMaps cover the entire curriculum and offer a useful way to present the information in class. However, copyright issues have prevented teachers from distributing the MindMaps in class up until now, unless they have chosen to breach my copyright. Regrettably, some teachers have done so.

I have created special versions of the MindMaps for Leaving Cert teachers that leave lots of blanks that can be filled out in class or given as handouts to students to complete as homework. They can be used on overhead projectors to highlight key subject and topical issues without disclosing the entire subject matter so that students get to think for themselves.

The licensing on these special workbook versions of the MindMaps allows unlimited display on overheads in class as well as distribution of incomplete printed MindMaps to classes, thus meeting the needs of both teachers and students without breaching copyright. For this reason, they are priced differently to the regular MindMaps, which students can purchase for themselves.Teacher versions also include a single licensed copy of the completed MindMaps, to augment the workbook style ones. These completed MindMaps may be used in class for teaching purposes but they may not be photocopied or distributed to students in any format, whether electronic or hardcopy. The teacher’s name and the licensing restriction will be printed on all completed MindMaps. Please show restraint and demonstrate good example to your students by not illegally copying my work.To purchase the Teacher’s version of any subject, please visit the shop by clicking on the “shop” button on the top navigation bar.

Biology MindMaps was the first subject to be published on this website and became available for purchase in early 2013. Chemistry became available in late 2013. Other subjects will follow as I complete them. Two more subjects were published in 2014 – Business and Geography. Teacher versions of all Mind Maps have been reduced to just Euro 29.95 per subject and include both complete versions of the Mindmaps as well as ones with blanks for teaching and student assignments.

“The Leaving Cert Chemistry Mindmaps created by Tammy Strickland are superb resources for both teachers and students. The student set provide the students with very clear and detailed analysis of each section. It offers a welcomed new alternative to revision books and the students have told me it makes the large course look less daunting. The teacher set is one of the best revision tools I’ve come across, as it not only revises a topic but also helps students with vital study skills which could be used in other subjects. As a class activity I revised Organic Chemistry with my Leaving Certs using the teacher set and put the student’s mindmaps on the wall of the lab. I plan to repeat this with other sections of the course and develop a revision wall. From a teacher’s perspective the Leaving Cert Mindmaps have really helped my students reach their potential and improve their grades and the students have told me that they love them.”
Kevin Buckley, Chemistry Teacher, John the Baptist C.S. Hospital, Co.Limerick

“I appreciate your response & will keep an eye on your site for French & Irish when ready. It really is a great product & I wish you every success for it.”
“Hey, I would jus like to say I find these maps extremely helpful and they have improved my grades!”

“Very best of luck with remaining subjects – it’s a great resource.”

“I purchased all your mind maps from you 2 years ago for my son junior cert and found them brilliant, I am now interested in the English for Leaving Cert.”
“Just wondering if you have any Leaving Cert mind maps for sale? Bought Junior Cert ones May 2011 and found them very useful.”


Mindmap Products for Teachers

  • Higher Level MindMaps in PDF format
  • Higher Level MindMaps in MindGenius format
  • Ordinary Level MindMaps in PDF format
  • Ordinary Level MindMaps in MindGenius format

Subjects will be released and published over the next 12 to 24 months
Please note that the MindMaps have been developed as eBooks and that if you need to print them, A3 paper will give you the best results.

The order for release is Biology, Chemistry, Business and Geography. This will be followed by French, Irish, Accounting, Music, Maths, English and Physics during 2016 and 2017.


Leaving Cert MindMaps

Leaving Cert MindMaps

Leaving Cert MindMaps

Leaving Cert MindMaps

Leaving Cert MindMaps

Leaving Cert MindMaps

Leaving Cert MindMaps

Leaving Cert MindMaps

Leaving Cert MindMaps

Leaving Cert MindMaps

Leaving Cert MindMaps




Standard & Enhanced Mindmaps

Standard versions are being developed in PDF format but enhanced versions are also available in MindGenius format. The latter will allow teachers to download a free copy of MindGenius Viewer onto their computer/laptop and to display the MindMaps in native Mind Mapping format on overheads. This allows the information within each MindMap to be revealed one branch or one level at a time. It also facilitates the teacher and students by allowing notes to be added to each individual MindMap file so that they may be printed with this additional information. Printing can be organised across multiple pages so that wall charts can be created simply by selo-taping pages together. Individual branches may also be printed on A4 paper. The original MindMap diagram cannot be changed and I will be retaining my copyright to all original MindMaps provided to schools and teachers.

I will also be considering offering school licences on an individual school basis. These school licences will offer unlimited distribution of both Teacher and Student versions of all MindMaps within a school, for an agreed period. Please contact me by email on the contact form if your school is interested in availing of this option.