Practical Study Tips

Practical Study Tips

  • If you haven’t tried flash cards or MindMaps as an aide de memoire, try using them now.
  • Consider using mnemonics to help you remember detail. Whether it is a useful rhyme, phrase or even a song, these quirky techniques are an excellent way to recall parts of a certain topic; and you needn’t worry about the difficulty in constructing these small memory aids; they are easy to make up and can even allow study time to be more enjoyable.
  • Highlight keywords or buzzwords in text or essays that will help you commit them to memory. If you can recall these specific words in an exam, memories of previous lessons on that topic will be triggered and writing answers will become simpler. Sometimes trying to memorise and regurgitate complete essays can be an impossible task and wastes a student’s valuable time that could be invested somewhere else.
  • Look upward and to the left when you are trying to commit information to memory. Your brain stores information on the left hand side of the brain and looking upward and to the left will allow your “to see” the information when you are trying to recall it.
  • At the end of your study session in each subject, close the book and your eyes and silently do a mind scan to remind you of everything you learned in that session. It may also help to write down the information on a blank sheet of paper after your period of silent reflection. This is particularly useful when it comes to subjects like maths as you may need to learn certain equations or theorems off by heart.
  • Reward yourself for positive outcomes and productive study sessions. This once again lightens the burden that can be felt when studying for the exams.
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Tammy Strickland is the author and publisher of Junior Cert Mindmaps and Leaving Cert Mindmaps. Both of these are course summaries for second level public exams.

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