How to study effectively under pressure

How to study effectively under pressure

  • Forget about everything other than the tasks you have set yourself for each individual study session
  • Plan by way of goals and not time. It is not useful to say to yourself that you are going to be sitting there for 4 or 5 hours. Instead focus on your goals for each study session
  • Don’t set yourself impossible goals as this sets you up for failure
  • Chunk it down. In other words, break each subject down into manageable chunks that can be digested easily over the last 3/4 weeks before the exams
  • Focus on the here and now. We live our lives in the present not in the past, so the past does not matter and the future hasn’t happened yet so why worry about it.
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Tammy Strickland is the author and publisher of Junior Cert Mindmaps and Leaving Cert Mindmaps. Both of these are course summaries for second level public exams.

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