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Tammy Strickland is the author and publisher of Junior Cert Mindmaps and Leaving Cert Mindmaps. Both of these are course summaries for second level public exams.

Top tips for preparing yourself mentally

Take a focused approach, don’t jump from subject to subject or topic to topic Try to relax but avoid daydreaming Don’t doubt yourself or your ability to get the work done Focus on a positive outcome and that’s what you will get Allow yourself regular breaks to recharge the batteries Make sure you get enough [...]

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Last Minute Tips for Leaving Cert Students:

Night-before Rituals: Scan through all of the shorthand notes you have prepared If you haven’t already done so, look through past exam papers and decide roughly how much time you will spend on each section When it comes to subjects like history for example, where many essay questions are asked, it is worth writing out [...]

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How to study effectively under pressure

Forget about everything other than the tasks you have set yourself for each individual study session Plan by way of goals and not time. It is not useful to say to yourself that you are going to be sitting there for 4 or 5 hours. Instead focus on your goals for each study session Don’t [...]

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How students can make the most of their time

Schedule your study session. If it is pre-planned it will be much more effective. Be disciplined. Don’t run over time on certain subjects at the expense of others Use shorthand notes, flashcards or Mindmaps and avoid going back to read text books Study while you are fresh and don’t wait until you are nodding off [...]

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Top tips for beating stress

Get daily exercise to allow you to eradicate tension before you start your work. I wouldn’t advise anyone to engage in any sort of strenuous or particularly draining sports activities before studying. This would mean that you are beginning or resuming a study session in a tired state of mind. I would recommend walking as [...]

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How can MindMaps help to focus students on the most important material?

Mindmaps might be considered to be shorthand for all the material covered in the text books and in class. They are a pretty good summary of all you need to know to get excellent exam results. They are visual in nature and therefore are easy to remember and recall for the vast majority of students. [...]

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Pre Leaving Cert Checklist

Checklist of Practical Things for the Exams: Pens: I would advise any student to have a good stock of new and functioning pens with them as they enter their exam centre. Remember all pens need backups! They can waste unexpectedly at any point in time and you don’t want to be scribbling frantically all over [...]

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Top tips for getting in the zone as the exams approach

Turn off the TV. This may seem like a bit of an obvious tip but for those of us who enjoy a regular instalment of a program every day or week, it might seem a bit unreasonable. If you happen to feel that your program of choice cannot be missed, catch a rerun, take advantage [...]

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Leaving Cert Biology Mind Maps Go Live

Yes, they have finally arrived. After 6 months of taking my own handwritten Biology Mind Maps and turning them into electronic versions I can share with other Leaving Cert students, Biology Mind Maps finally went on sale on www.leavingcertmindmaps.ie yesterday. Creating them was a massive challenge because of the necessity to create original artwork to [...]

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